Would you like to learn more about God’s Word? We have a FREE home Bible study available for you.  Our trained teachers are available to come to your home, or to another meeting place, at your convenience, to share God’s Word with you.

The Bible Studies currently available:

Exploring God’s Word:  

This study presents a detailed overview of the Bible in twelve lessons. This study encompasses the entire Bible and teaches lessons invaluable for this life and eternity. This study includes visuals for each lesson, and weekly outlines that are given to every student.

Rightly Dividing the Word:

This scriptural study teaches us about the authority and importance of the Word of God today, and how to become believers. This study is presented in two lessons, each about one hour long.

Into His Marvelous Light:

This is a concise but powerful study teaching us how to be born again. This study is approximately two hours long, and comes with a colorful student guide with questions and scriptures included.

God’s Word Made Plain:

This is a scriptural one-hour study showing us God’s will for our life in plain, easy to understand terms.

We also offer a Bible study class, Exploring God’s Word, on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m. at the church.

To schedule a personal Home Bible Study or more information, please call (407) 297-6995, ext. 1, or e-mail at fpcpraise@aol.com.